Our new year greeting and thoughts

2020… what a year!
Our New Year greeting and thoughts as #video.

Dear friends,
2020…what a year! The unthinkable became reality. It separated and it united. It stopped and it accelerated. It has forced reflection and stimulated discussion. What remains? Questions and findings. Losers and winners. Bankrupties on one hand and record sales on the other. Desparate and
grateful. It really shook us.

What didn’t work before, suddeny did. What worked before, suddenly didn’t work anymore. We communicated a lot
digitally and kept our distance. Encrusted things were broken up. Nature really took a deep breath.

What’s next? What will 2021 bring? We don’t know.
But we believe that it is in our hands to make the next year
the best of our lives! So that by the end of 2021, we’ll all say:
Wow – what a year!

All the best to you and your families.

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